Sun of the Dawn Project Closed

I hate to bring this sad news. sad

But Sun of the Dawn  project will be close down and there will be no future effort done for this brand name.

It’s a great start in 2012 but it seems I don’t really plan the steps carefully and it’s painfully long time and it’s already almost the end of 2015.

It’s been f**king three years and I really don’t have the luck to find and get things going on with this project.

So, I want to take a step back and the feeling of peace that I deserves.

All Hope Is Not Lost

However, I will still maintain this website and from time to time update it about good news that I have from related project such as the VzerMY project where we now on our way to published our second albums.

Momoka and Yuka, I’m sorry to let you girls died.

But since both of you are immortal anyways, when the time is right, I will bring you two back in my other project.

Thank you for all the support all of you give to me throughout these past days.

It’s Been More Than 2 Years!

Yuka Hayashi 3D Model

It have been 2 years, 11 months and 7 days since my last post here on Sun of the Dawn blog and many things have change. Even some people that I hold dear have "gone". :cry: But I also met new people and now we have game project for Sun of the Dawn and still on going since I'm a "no budget game developer". From 2000 fans, we have more than 3000 … [Continue Reading]

We Reach More Than 2000 Facebook Likes – Thank You Everyone

Sun of the Dawn Reach More Than 2000 Likes

As of now, Sun of the Dawn Facebook page received more than 2000 likes from all around the world. From the screenshot above, it shows 2,781. I hope the number will increase.  :happy: Thank you to all of you guys who have support us. I'm glad that our band name is known to 2,781 peoples already. Thank you, once again. We will continue making music for all … [Continue Reading]

New Website Design

Sun of the Dawn Website Design 2012

We have the new website design up and online. The old website design is cool, but it's too cool that the design overwhelmed the message that we want to deliver to our dear visitors. We hope with this new cleaner design, it's more easier to navigate to find our content. Please don't stop spread the words about us. Tell to everyone that you know, about Sun of the … [Continue Reading]

Signatures To Promote Sun of the Dawn


Feel free to use this.  :happy: Direct link to the image: HTML code that link the image to our main website: <a href="" title="Sun of the Dawn"><img … [Continue Reading]

Momoka Tsukino Wallpaper

Momoka Tsukino Wallpaper

Hi, guys. Today I've made this wallpaper of Momo-chan sized 1280 x 800 pixels for myself. But I thought I'll share it with you guys too.  :happy: You can download the wallpaper by right click the image and then save as... … [Continue Reading]